Our key services include:

Strategic advice
  • Market environment analysis and market entry strategies
  • Market positioning and pricing strategy – development or review
  • Client and stakeholder engagement strategy – development or review
  • Development of regulatory strategy and impact analysis
  • Energy supply management strategies and optimisation
  • Smart grid technologies, carbon offset, carbon neutral strategies and renewable energy options
  • Development of alliances across the energy value chain
Policy development and advice
  • Policy objectives assessment
  • Cost / benefit analysis
  • Policy development and / or review
Business case development & review, proposed investments
  • Financial model development and review
  • Competitive environment evaluation and market assessment
  • Buyer requirements assessment
  • Due diligence support
  • Tender evaluation and / or development
Risk Management
  • Risk management strategy, policy and process – development or review
  • Risk reporting and monitoring frameworks – development or review
  • Credit, enterprise wide/operational and financial risk analysis
  • Wholesale energy and carbon market design advice
  • Quantitative analysis, demand forecasting and load profiling
  • Self insurance and co-insurance scheme assessment or design
Contract development and negotiation
  • Needs definition, contract assessments and negotiations
  • Risk evaluation and risk/cost trade-off
  • Evaluating contract optionality
Derivative / contract / PPA valuations
  • Carbon, electricity, gas and commodities valuations
  • Embedded derivatives valuation
  • Valuing physical optionality
Capability design, development and implementation
  • Organisational design
  • Business planning including coaching, implementation and capability development
  • Process, procedure and system requirements development or assessment
  • Data quality and validation development or assessment
  • Preparation for wholesale and retail energy market participation
  • Preparation for emissions trading scheme participation
  • Carbon management activities process development
  • Staff training and coaching