Peter Eben – Credentials

Peter’s experience includes:

  • Senior management experience including – managing the risk management function of a major vertically integrated energy retailer covering market, credit, operational and enterprise risk.  Peter also managed the sales and marketing function for a major energy retailer.
  • Advised the Energy Retailers Association of Australia on the demand response mechanism
  • Advised a State Government on the competition and policy issues associated with the merger of their retailer and generator.
  • Advised the AEMC on policy issues impacting the roll out of electric vehicles.
  • Advised the Private Generators Group and the National Generators Forum on the implications of the G20 reforms on the OTC electricity derivative market.
  • Worked with the Carbon Market Institute to develop the guide to carbon risk management for businesses.
  • Reviewed key elements of the Smart Grid Smart City proposals on behalf of the Federal Government.
  • Developed and implemented strategies for many major energy users to optimise their energy purchasing costs and maximise business value.
  • Advised a major Australian company that was interested in entering the contestable electricity and gas markets.  Advised on aspects such as retail operations requirements, retail regulatory issues, wholesale risk management and business models.
  • Advised an automotive components manufacturer on the business opportunities for their emissions reduction technology in light of the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.  This involved understanding the Australian and international environmental markets regulatory landscape and the options for participation in the primary and secondary carbon markets.
  • Assisted a major state Government owned corporation and its Board to understand its exposure to movements in fuel prices and provide guidance regarding available hedging strategies.  We then facilitated and provided advice to the company to enable them to implement their hedging strategy and execute appropriate transactions.
  • Advised the Ministerial Council on Energy (Energy Reform Implementation Group) on factors impeding the development of the wholesale gas and electricity markets and structural or market design changes that can be implemented to improve market liquidity.  The report was subsequently used by ERIG to make recommendations to COAG regarding impediments and market development opportunities.
  • Reviewed and refined the middle office (wholesale risk management) processes and procedures for an energy retailer, this included applying relevant insights from sources such as CCRO and SCOR.
  • Developed an organisational blueprint for a major energy retailer’s wholesale trading, sales and marketing and business sales departments.